How to Save Money on Heating Bills This Winter

December 19, 2018

When temperatures drop, your heating bill is likely to rise. To keep energy costs at a minimum, taking a few precautionary steps around your home can help. Here are some tips to consider in an attempt to keep the amount you need to pay for your heat as low as possible this winter.

Keep Tabs On Your Thermostat

Invest in a programmable thermostat. This allows for you to select the times you want to turn down your heat, such as when your family is at work or school, saving you money on heating costs as your furnace will not run as frequently during these times. Turn your thermostat down a degree or two lower than your normal heat setting when nighttime arrives and use extra blankets for warmth as well.

Pay Attention To Your Windows

The windows in your home will allow for some heat loss. The type of windows you have installed can make an impact on just how much, however. If your windows are older, single-pane styled, your heating bill will be higher than if you were using thick, double-paned models. Adding shrinkable wrap to panes and covering them with insulated draperies or curtains in cool weather can help keep your heating cost lower.

Get Your Furnace Checked Over

It is important to take the time to contact a heating service to conduct a routine maintenance session on your furnace each year so it works properly when it is needed. Failing to get your furnace checked could lead to a failure of the system at a time you require heat most. In addition, routine maintenance helps to keep your heating source running efficiently, saving you money as a result. Our service technicians are available to clean out your unit, check it for wear, and make part or entire unit replacements if necessary.

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