Join Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning in Supporting Heat U.P. Illinois!

August 25, 2017

Heat UP Illinois

Heat U.P. Illinois is a program that began in 2016. After seeing the success of the Heat U.P. Wisconsin program that started in 2010, Illinois, other states and even some Canadian provinces have joined the Heat U.P. campaign. Our motto is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” And here is how you can help your neighbors in need. The program asks you to nominate someone in your community who is in need of a new heating system for their home. Below is a brief overview of how you can help someone get a free high-efficiency furnace, free of any charges!

How to Nominate Someone for a Free Furnace

To nominate a family in need or someone in your local community who has helped others, go to heatupillinois.com and click on the red box labeled “Nominate Someone.” All nominations are due by September 5, 2017. The clock is ticking, so spread the word. Nominees are chosen based on a variety of criteria, including physical or mental disabilities, financial challenges, job loss, military service, community service and more. You may nominate yourself or anyone else you know and you can nominate as many people as you know that have a need for a new furnace. If your nomination is not chosen this year and your nominee still has a need, then you can nominate them again next year. Manufactured housing is not compatible with these furnaces provided by Lennox Industries and the home must have a complete ductwork system.

The goal is to receive as many deserving nominations as we can get. Tell all your friends and neighbors about the Heat U.P. Illinois program so they can nominate someone who is in need of a new furnace. Tell your coworkers and church members. We want everyone to have a chance. Only one nomination per family is sufficient. All the nominations are read and the recipients will receive furnaces based on need and other criteria. Nominations are accepted throughout the year and the deadline is nearing for the upcoming installation weekend in October.

In early September, a committee consisting of dealers throughout the state will review all of the nominations. The nominations are reviewed individually, then separated by county and reviewed again. Once selected, the chosen nominees are forwarded to the participating Lennox heating and cooling dealers. Once the decisions are made, the local participating dealers will contact the chosen homeowners. The dealers will then visit the chosen homes to determine exactly what materials will be needed for the installation process.

Installations on the First Saturday in October

After the recipients are chosen, Lennox Industries donates high-efficiency gas furnaces to participating Illinois Lennox dealers. On the first Saturday in October, the participating Lennox dealerships will install the furnaces for their chosen nominees. The furnaces are provided free of charge to the recipients. The labor and installation materials are donated by the installing Lennox dealer and their employees.

Giving Back to Local Communities

Heat U.P. Illinoisstarted as a way to give back to our local communities served by the Lennox dealers. Seeing the success of the program run in Wisconsin after just one year, the Lennox team in Illinois decided to start the same program to help people stay warm during our cold winters. We knew immediately that Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning needed to be a part of this exciting and rewarding program.

Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to be a participating dealer in the Heat U.P. Illinois project. We are pleased to be able to give back to the communities we have served for over 30 years. Our entire team is committed to giving back with this program, as no one should go without heat during our winters in Central Illinois.

We hope you will nominate someone you know who needs a new furnace this year. Once again, to nominate someone, go to heatupillinois.com and click on the red box labeled “Nominate Someone.” And remember, you can nominate as many people as you wish.

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