Lennox Elite EL296E: A Two-Stage Energy Saver

January 8, 2018

Lennox Elite EL296E - A Two-Stage Energy Saver

An older, inefficient furnace can cause you unnecessary stress during winter. That’s because old furnaces no longer have the performance they once had. Turn back a few years earlier, your heating system was probably able to handle the load required to keep your family warm and comfortable. However, those days are gone if your unit has been serving you for the past 15 years. This is especially true if your furnace hasn’t been receiving its regular professional checkups.

If you want to get a system that is able to provide you with consistent heat without the boost in your utility bills, upgrade to a new, high-efficiency furnace.

Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning is a heating company in Bloomington, IL that concentrates on giving the absolute best in HVAC products and services. To meet this goal, we partnered with Lennox Industries to offer high-efficiency furnaces created to give you maximum comfort and savings.

This article features one of the models in Lennox’s Elite Series, the EL296E.

Benefits of High-Efficiency Furnaces

In order to fully appreciate the EL296E, let’s first talk about the benefits you can get out of any high-efficiency furnace.

A condensing furnace uses vent damper that is programmed in such a way that it automatically shuts the flue pipe when the burners are turned off. This results in shutting in the warm air inside, in turn reducing the amount of heat loss.

High-efficiency furnaces use multi-speed and variable-speed blowers that lower electric usage by matching the blower speed to the heating demands of the room.

Modulating or variable capacity gas valves and an electronic control system enable you to make fine adjustments to the burner setting and blower motor speed for better temperature control and energy-efficiency.

Features of the Lennox EL296E

This furnace is ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means the unit meets and exceeds US federal guidelines for energy efficiency.

Its Power Saver™ motor operates at constant torque to help maintain consistent air flow. Power Saver technology not only provides energy boost capabilities improving the overall system efficiency, similar to a variable speed furnace, but also delivers higher SEER ratings in cooling mode. In continuous fan mode, this technology helps keep energy waste to a minimum.

Compared to older, low-efficiency models, the EL296E has an efficiency rating of 96 percent AFUE that can save you hundreds of dollars in heating costs per year.

The EL296E also has the capacity to make your home feel better during summer months. By operating at its lower speed, air spends more time in contact with the outside coil, the cooling engine of your air-conditioning unit. This helps reduce moisture levels inside your home to enhance your comfort.

When paired with a Lennox®heat pump, the EL296E creates a system that can automatically alternate between electricity and gas fuel to keep you warm. So you’re always using the most energy-efficient way to keep comfortable.

Its Two-Stage Gas Valve operates at a lower heating output for efficiency, switching to a higher output only when needed.

Every component of the EL296E has proven itself through extensive testing in our research labs. So you can take comfort knowing the furnace will deliver reliable performance, season after season.

With product registration, the EL296E may be eligible for a 10-year Limited Extended Warranty. Lennox also offers a 5-year Limited Warranty on covered parts and Limited Lifetime Warranty on the Heat Exchanger.

Call the HVAC Experts

If your current heating system is approaching the end of its lifespan, you may think a high-efficiency furnace would cost way too much. But in reality, rebates and tax credits in your area can make a new system incredibly affordable.

Talk to Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning about any available incentives to upgrade your system. We have been helping Normal, IL homeowners get the right high-efficiency furnaces for their homes since 1983. Our customers have come to rely on us for furnace repair, installation, and maintenance.

Our technicians are Lennox-trained and certified to install even the most advanced Lennox-branded heating systems, such as the Elite Series and the Dave Lennox Signature Series.