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Signs Your Thermostat Needs to be Replaced

Signs Your Thermostat Needs to be Replaced

August 7, 2019

Your feeling of comfort inside your home depends greatly on your thermostat. If your thermostat is not operating optimally, you will not achieve the temperature you desire. Making sure you replace your thermostat before it completely breaks down can help you avoid complications and discomfort. Here are some indications that your thermostat needs to be replaced.

Temperature Discrepancies Throughout Your Home

It is the function of your thermostat to control the temperature throughout your house. If you find that there are differences in temperature from room to room but you have not changed the settings, this could mean that the thermostat is arbitrarily switching the cooling or heating on and off. The greatest temperature discrepancies will probably be found the farthest away from the central AC unit.

The Thermostat Isn’t Effective

Changing the temperature setting but not seeing a difference in the temperature means that the thermostat is not operating correctly. This may be an indication that it needs to be replaced.

AC or Heating Won’t Start or Turn Off

Another sign that your thermostat needs to be replaced is if your system runs constantly without turning off. This signals that your thermostat is not communicating with your equipment. Also, if you find that your unit doesn’t turn on, your thermostat is probably to blame. It is advisable that you schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable professional who will pinpoint the cause and help you choose a new thermostat.

Changing the Batteries Does Nothing

When your thermostat stops working, sometimes changing the batteries will do the trick. If you change the batteries but your thermostat still doesn’t function properly, you should contact a technician to talk about getting a new one.

If you’re in or near Peoria, Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning can help you select the best thermostat for your requirements. We’re here to take care of all your heating, cooling, and air quality needs. We also deal with geothermal systems and fireplaces. Contact us today to learn about the different types of thermostats you can choose from or to schedule an appointment for any service we provide.

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The Importance of an AC Unit

The Importance of an AC Unit

June 6, 2018

Bratcher Technician Talking to CustomersToday, an air conditioner is not just ordinary luxury home equipment. It has become an essential appliance. Most homeowners choose to use air conditioning units for personal comfort since these units work to regulate and maintain cooler room temperatures during hot summers.

At the peak of summer, nothing feels better than your air conditioner cooling you off from the summer heat. Installing an air conditioner can also have a positive impact on your health. Air conditioning creates a clean, safe and a healthy environment that helps family members who are suffering from devastating conditions such as allergy to have a positively improved standard of living. Here are some of the benefits of an air conditioning system:

Better Air Quality

Air conditioners filter and circulate air, removing mold and pollutants from it. This is essential for those individuals who frequently suffer from asthma and allergies since it reduces the irritants that stimulate an attack. To enjoy good health, make sure that you change and clean your system’s filters at least once every month. You should also service your system frequently and maintain it in top shape to avoid indoor air pollution.

Improved Health

Installing an air conditioner in your home will also improve your family’s overall health. Typically, your indoor air is usually full of contaminants such as pollen, dust, bacteria, and fungi. Inhaling such contaminants can lead to various health complications such as allergy and respiratory diseases. However, an AC unit eliminates all these contaminants from your indoor air ensuring high-quality indoor air quality.

Energy Efficient

One of the most significant trends in the home technology sector is improving a home’s energy efficiency to minimize energy bills. Comfort-monitoring and thermostat systems provide automated scheduling based on your availability in the home. This means that your air conditioning system is not running wastefully while you are away. Also, by accurately and closely monitoring your home’s interior spaces temperature, your unit will learn and know when to turn on and off while managing your cycle times effectively.

They Are Durable

Another significant advantage of the AC units is that they are durable since the technology used in the production of these systems has greatly improved over the years. Modern AC units are made of high-quality materials that last for many years. As long as you adhere to the recommended AC maintenance schedule, you will not worry about frequent repairs since the AC units critical components will be subjected to less tear and wear. An AC unit can serve you for more than a decade.

Are you looking for reliable and profession heating and cooling services in central Illinois that you can rely on? Contact Bratcher Heating and AC today for quality heating and air conditioning services. We provide expert knowledge with quality service!

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