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5 Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement

5 Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement

November 20, 2019

5 Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement

A furnace is designed to heat your home or office and maintain its indoor air quality. If your furnace isn’t doing its job, it is time to install a new one. These 5 signs will let you know when it is time to replace your old furnace in Peoria.

1. Unusual Sounds

Efficient furnaces operate with minimal noise. As its components wear out, you may notice strange sounds coming from your furnace. Unusual sounds include banging, thumping and shrieking. If you hear any of these abnormal sounds, have your system checked out by one of our technicians at Bratcher Heating and AC.

2. Excess Moisture

Efficient heating systems regulate indoor moisture. When your system is inefficient, you will notice condensation on your glass doors and windows. Excess moisture attracts cockroaches, bacteria and dust mites in your home. Moisture can rot wood and weaken your home’s structural foundation. If there is excess moisture in your home, allow us to assess your furnace.

3. High Energy Bills

An older heating system has to work harder to heat your home or office. This extra output of energy can cause your heating bill to rise. An inefficient heating system is more expensive to run than an energy-efficient system.

4. Fluctuating Room Temperatures

The temperature throughout your home is supposed to be consistent. If you notice that some rooms are colder than others, your heating system may not be functioning properly.

5. Outdated Heating System

A heating system will typically last 15 years. With each year of operation, your furnace may become less efficient. Check the age of your system to determine if it is time to replace it.

You shouldn’t have to face harsh winters with an inefficient heating system. Our technicians at Bratcher Heating and AC can install a new heating system in your residential or commercial property. Our company works hard to be a trusted source for installation, repair and maintenance services. Our products include furnaces, heat pumps, thermostats, air conditioners and self-contained units. Schedule an appointment today.

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The Wonderful Invention of Furnaces

The Wonderful Invention of Furnaces

December 13, 2018

The furnace is one of the most important home appliance inventions in history. The entire concept of central heating and cooling was started in 1919, and home comfort has never been the same since.

Inventing the Furnace

Alice Parker is credited with being the inventor of the first central heating system. After 1919, homeowners were able to regulate the environment around the entire home at once while heating it with greater efficiency. In 1935, Alice’s work led to even more efficient heating methods – the first electric fan-fueled by coal and the air wall furnace with distributed ductwork.

The Furnace vs. AC Units

If you have ever compared having a furnace to using individual room conditioning units, then you understand the huge difference that a furnace can make. Not only do you get more heating power for your money, but you also get a quicker response and more efficiency. You have lower heating bills and a more comfortable home life.


You also get much better air quality when you use a furnace in your home instead of the alternative. The improvement in your life is instant when the air that you breathe is as clean as it can be. You also help to avoid things like allergens and bacteria that would otherwise make their way indoors from the outside. Having a furnace is especially important if you have young children or old people in the house. These people are much more susceptible to lower indoor air quality, and they need all the protection that you can give them.


If you do not currently have a furnace in your home, upgrading to centralized heating does not have to be as expensive as you think. As long as you have the right installation specialists, you can move into the world of furnaces in an inexpensive way.

The Best Heating Company in Central Illinois

For all of your heating needs in and around Peoria, the dedicated experts at Bratcher are here to help. Whether you need installation, maintenance or emergency repair, give Bratcher a call or an email today.

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Heat Pump Vs. Furnace

Heat Pump Vs. Furnace

November 29, 2018

There are lots of different challenges that come with owning a home and families often have trouble deciding which route to take. This is true for families wondering which type of heating system is right for their home. What might work well for one family may not work well for their neighbors across the street. All of these systems come with their pros and cons and it is important for families to understand the basics of how some of these systems works so that they can make the right decision for them and their family. Two of the common types include a furnace and a heat pump. What are some of the important points to keep in mind regarding these two systems?

A Conventional Furnace

A furnace is one of the most common types of heating systems that families might use. There are multiple types of furnaces and two of the most common include a gas furnace and an electric furnace. A gas furnace ignites a gas source to heat the air whereas an electric furnace employs a system of coils to heat the air. After this, the heated air is passed through the vents and into the home.

Heat Pump as an Alternative

An alternative to the furnace is the heat pump. A heat pump is a little bit different in that it doesn’t generate heat but instead it transfers heat from the outside world to inside of the home. This pump can also reverse the direction to cool a home as well. The benefit is that this pump is more efficient, keeping bills low. On the other hand, this pump also cannot generate its own heat. Therefore, in freezing weather, it may not be able to adequately heat a home.

Trust the Trained Professionals at Bratcher

It can be a challenge for families to decide what the right type of heating system is for their home. Options include a home furnace, a heat pump, and even a boiler. Sometimes, these systems can have issues. For families located in the Peoria, IL area, trust the professionals with Bratcher Comfort. Their trained and friendly professionals have been helping families in the greater Peoria area since day 1. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask for help because someone is always available. Call today to learn more!

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How Do Furnaces Work?

How Do Furnaces Work?

November 9, 2018

The importance of keeping a home at the right temperature cannot be overstated. Particularly for families with people with chronic health problems, it is very important to make sure that the home is kept at the right temperature. The development of furnaces and air conditioners for this purpose is one of the most important technological advancements over the past few decades. What started as a simple fireplace has now progressed to an advanced heating system that can spread throughout the entire home. With this in mind, how exactly does a furnace heat a home?

Transmit Hot Air Through the Vent

The most straightforward way of describing how a furnace heats the home is to use describe the movement of hot air. The furnace generates heat in the belly of the furnace. Then, this heat leaves the vents of the furnace and enters the home. As a result, this hot air raises the temperature of the home. Eventually, the temperature of the home reaches a goal and the furnace shuts off. Furthermore, an air conditioning system actually works in a similar manner, just in the opposite direction. Where exactly does this hot air come from? How does the furnace generate this hot air?

Electric or Gas Ignition Heating Source

So, how exactly does a furnace generate heat? It depends on the type of furnace in question. Many furnaces are gas furnaces. This means that they use a gas source to heat the air before expelling it to the external environment. In most situations, this is propane. The propane is ignited and then the air is warmed. In other situations, homes could use electricity to heat the air. In this case, electric coils are used to heat the air as it passes over the coils. Then, the warmed air is transmitted up to the vent and expelled into the home.

Help from the Experienced Professionals

Families with concerns or questions about their furnace should reach out to the trained professionals at Bratcher Comfort. Located conveniently in the Peioria, IL area, their representatives can help with numerous heating and air conditioning issues, ranging from maintenance to repair and replacement. Don’t hesitate to ask for help! Call today to make an appointment! A helping hand is available!

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