The Best Furnaces From A Leading Heating Contractor

September 22, 2017

Fall is here and that means a few things in Central Illinois – school has started, football is back, the colors will soon be changing …… and old man winter is coming soon! It’s time to ensure your home will be kept warm and comfortable throughout the upcoming winter. Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving residents of Central Illinois since 1983, providing excellent service and some of the best heating products in the area. We are proud to be one of the few Lennox Premier Dealers in Central Illinois, as well. This enables us to offer the best products for heating in Bloomington, Champaign and Peoria.

In this article, we are highlighting just a few of the most popular gas furnaces we provide to homeowners throughout Central Illinois.

Model SLP98V – The Quietest & Most Energy Efficient Furnace in the Industry!

The SLP98V is a variable capacity gas furnace and is the quietest and most efficient furnace on the market today. It is ENERGY STAR® certified, which means it meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency, and has an efficiency rating of up to 98%. This furnace has been designated as one of the “Most Efficient Energy Star certified products in 2017” and can save you hundreds of dollars a year in utility costs compared to more standard furnaces.

The SLP98V has some amazing features:

  • Silent Comfort™ technology. This new technology uses sound-absorbing insulation, making the SLP98V the quietest furnace around. It has been measured to be 10 times quieter than most competitive furnaces on the market!
  • Precise Comfort® technology that enables you to keep your home’s comfort level exactly where you want it. “Cold spots” are eliminated, as heat is evenly distributed throughout your home.
  • AirFlex™ technology that allows your installing contractor to set airflow adjustments to best match your home’s design and layout, as well as your lifestyle.

The SLP98V comes with a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 10-year limited warranty on covered components. If you are looking for the quietest furnace you can buy with many amazing features to fit a busy but comfortable lifestyle, the SLP98V should be your furnace of choice!

Model EL296V – Reliable, Energy-efficient Variable-speed Gas Furnace

The EL296V is a high-efficiency, variable-speed gas furnace that is ENERGY STAR® certified and has an energy efficiency rating of 96%.  It can save you hundreds of dollars each year on your energy bills, compared to standard furnaces.

The EL296V has some great features:

  • a variable speed blower motor that provides a quiet and consistent air flow.
  • It’s variable-speed airflow allows the unit to disperse even heat throughout your home and prevents blasts of air on start up.
  • While most furnaces are either on or off, the EL296V has two stages of heat. This enables the furnace to balance between energy consumption and keeping your home comfortable throughout the winter.
  • This model’s variable-speed motor can help increase the efficiency of the outdoor cooling unit during summer months. This can help save you even more on your energy bills!
  • dual-fuel capability allows you to easily use this furnace with a heat pump to save more energy and money on your utility bills.
  • Other features include a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger, iComfort® enabled technology, and a two-stage gas valve. The low-speed fan maintains a continuous flow of warm air. The durable steel cabinet has special sound-absorbing insulation.

The EL296V comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited warranty on covered components.  This furnace is an excellent choice if you want high-efficiency and reliability.

Model ML195 – Reliable and Energy Efficient

The Merit® Series ML195 gas furnace has an energy efficiency rating of 95% and a very comfortable price. Some of its best features are:

  • a stainless steel secondary heat exchanger allows the furnace to reach high-efficiency levels by capturing additional heat.
  • a tightly sealed blower compartment permits less than 1% air leakage, meaning that less energy is lost and more heated air goes toward keeping you comfortable.
  • dual-fuel capability, when paired with a Lennox heat pump, will automatically choose between electricity and gas to ensure you are using the most energy-efficient means of comfort.

The ML195 comes with a 20-year limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 5-year limited warranty on covered components. The ML195 is an excellent choice for a reliable, energy-efficient gas furnace.

Looking for a New Furnace – Call Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning

The above listed furnaces are just a few of the models that Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning carries. As a Lennox Premier Dealer, we can provide the entire line of Lennox products. If you are wanting the best in energy efficiency and the quietest furnaces on the market, Lennox furnaces are your best choice.

Our technicians are highly trained and certified to service and install Lennox heating and air conditioning systems. We will ensure all products are properly sized for your home and meet your budget requirements. When you are ready for a new heating system, remember that we service what we sell. Call Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning for your next furnace; we’ll answer all of your questions, come to your home for proper sizing and product options and provide a free estimate. We are your choice for heating in Peoria, Champaign and Bloomington.