Use Zoning to Improve Temperature Control

January 11, 2018

Use Zoning to Improve Temperature Control - Bratcher

Having a heating and air conditioning system installed in your home is a good thing, but it is not enough to guarantee absolute comfort and energy efficiency. Many homes in Central Illinois have traditional systems that have a singular thermostat that controls the temperature or comfort level throughout the entire home.

This can be a problem, as not everyone in the family has the same comfort preferences. Some people may prefer a room that’s cooler or warmer than the rest of the house. If you have one thermostat controlling the temperature of the whole house, you will have uneven air circulation that doesn’t just affect your energy costs but, more importantly, your family’s overall comfort. Plus, your home will be a lot more peaceful as there will be no more arguments over thermostat settings!

Advances in HVAC technology offer improvements in temperature control throughout your home. We can now create multiple zones within your home, adjusting the indoor temperature in specific areas to establish a more comfortable environment at a much lower operational cost.

HVAC zoning is very similar to having separate light switches around your house. You use the energy when you need it, making you more efficient in your energy consumption. If you live in Central Illinois, just call your local HVAC company in Peoria or a nearby city to have a zoned system installed in your home.

How Zoning Works

Zoning utilizes multiple thermostats that are connected to a control panel, which operates dampers within the ductwork of your HVAC system.The thermostats continuously read the temperature of their specific zone, then open or close the dampers within the ductwork based on the thermostat’s settings. This system solves the problem of inconsistent room temperatures and is great for heating or cooling individual rooms according to the occupants’ temperature preferences.

Benefits of Zoning

There are real actual benefits to implementing HVAC zoning in your home. A properly installed system can help you save money on your utility bills, and along with these savings are modern advantages that you won’t get from a central heating and cooling system.

Added Comfort

With zoning, you and everyone else in your family have much more control over the temperature in various rooms. With a central heating and cooling system, the entire house has to be set at the same temperature. That’s not the case with zoned homes.

Energy Conservation

While it is true that a zoned system is more complex than a traditional setup, it helps you minimize your energy usage as it allows you to customize the temperature in every room according to your needs. If no one is occupying a room in the wintertime, you do not need to keep it as warm. Likewise, you do not need to provide cooled air to an unoccupied room during the summer. This translates to a reduction on your utility bills as you do your part in helping the environment.

Modern Conveniences

Many newer systems are equipped with remote controls that can be operated from anywhere to adjust temperature levels in your home. You no longer need to walk around the home to adjust temperatures. Many allow you to control the thermostat remotely through your smart phone, even when you are out and about.

Different Scenarios Where Zoning Can Be Beneficial

North-facing or South-facing Rooms

These rooms have naturally different temperatures, and if you have high ceilings or windows, this can also affect how your home is heated or cooled. Years ago, people found that customizing each room of the home would almost be impossible because of these factors. Now, because of HVAC zoning, you can have your desired temperature in rooms that are directly facing the sun, giving you greater comfort and being energy-efficient at the same time.

Multi-story Homes

Many homes have an upper and a lower level. The problem is that hot air rises in the home, and as a result, your upstairs rooms are going to be considerably warmer than rooms in the lower levels. Through zoning, you can better control the temperature throughout your home, whether you are upstairs or downstairs.

Rarely-used Rooms

Homes usually have areas that are not occupied very often, like guest rooms, attics, study rooms, or basements. You don’t have to spend money on heating or cooling these areas like you do to cool or heat areas you always use, such as your kitchen, bedroom or the bathroom. When you divide your home into zones, you no longer have to consume so much energy to keep those areas at the same temperatures as the rest of the house.

Trusted HVAC Company in Peoria, IL

Having the ability to control the temperature in every area of your home gives greater comfort and satisfaction to you and your family. If you need help in zoning your home, call Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning.

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