Why Proper Sizing for Your Furnace Matters

January 26, 2018

Why Proper Sizing for Your Furnace Matters

While most homeowners care primarily about their desired comfort levels, they don’t really pay much attention to their furnaces’ sizing. Understand that when it comes to heating systems, bigger isn’t always better. The health and efficiency of your unit depend on how properly sized it is for your home. A furnace that is too small for your home is unable to supply the right amount of heated air to keep everyone comfy.

On the other hand, a furnace that’s too large may not seem to be good but it actually creates too much noise and keeps on cycling on and off, which wears it down more quickly. In other words, short cycles include your furnace being turned on for only a brief amount of time and then being turned off again. This increases your energy consumption and costs you even more on your electric bill.

A properly sized furnace will benefit both you and the furnace itself. There are certain calculations and considerations to consider in order to accurately size your heating systems. For many homeowners, this can be an overwhelming experience.

The good news is you do not have to worry about these calculations yourself.

A heating company in Urbana, IL such as Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning employs trained technicians who know exactly how to figure out what size and kind of heating system that fits your needs.

Why Professional Consultation is Important

One of the factors to consider when sizing your furnace is the size of the space that needs to be heated. This will determine not only how large or small a unit that needs to be installed but also the number and frequency of heating ducts to move the heated air throughout your home.

In order to keep your heating costs down, the technician can determine the best system that is appropriate for your heating needs.

Things to Consider to Properly Size Your Furnace

In addition to these factors, the technician will also make other considerations to accurately size your new furnace. These include:


The climate in your region has a direct impact on your overall comfort. You won’t need an overly powerful furnace if you live in a warmer climate.

Number of Rooms and Levels

Since heat naturally rises, a room that has multiple levels is more difficult to heat than a room or house that only has one floor. Having two rooms of the same square footage won’t necessarily need the same furnace size if one has multiple levels.


The position, number, and type of windows affect the amount of radiant heat coming through. Also, older, inefficient windows easily let our heated air.


The better your insulation, the less energy your furnace will need to do its job since insulation blocks the movement of heat. This translates to lower utility bills.

The Advantages of a Properly Sized Furnace

You always want your home to be as comfortable as possible, especially if you spend a lot of time indoors. Having the right sized furnace is essential, particularly if you want your home to be comfortably warm during the hyperborean months of winter.

A properly sized heating system will heat the home more quickly and efficiently. You will enjoy a significant drop in your heating bills each month, and your repair bills will be kept to a minimum.

There will be no disproportionate noise in its operation as it works according to the manufacturer’s specifications, rather than giving the unit unnecessary burden and shortening its life cycle.

In addition, the humidity in your home will be improved, giving you a better air quality. The air will be pushed through filters at the proper pressure, taking away airborne contaminants easily.

Get Help From the Heating Pros

Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning can help you properly size your heating system to ensure you get a consistent temperature throughout your home while keeping your furnace energy-efficient. Proper sizing with regular professional maintenance can help you keep your furnace in good condition for years.

Our technicians are certified and trained to make important calculations and recommendations to make sure you get the right system to keep you and your family comfortable when the weather is frigid.

We have been providing Urbana heating and air conditioning solutions since 1983. Our valued customers keep on coming back because their expectations are always met. We work hard to earn their trust and will continue to deliver unmatched customer satisfaction.