October 22, 2019

For many homeowners, the arrival of autumn signals the need to turn on their furnace and hope nothing goes wrong. Don’t be a part of that crowd. Taking a few actionable steps to guarantee your comfort and safety is not too time-consuming and can really reduce your fuel expenditure.

1. Keep Flammables Away

Keeping flammables away from your furnace sounds intuitive, but sometimes you are pressed for space and may be tempted to use the furnace closet to store some of your items. You want to keep the area around your furnace clear of objects, especially ones that are flammable. You can always find some space for your boxes of stuff in a garage or attic.

2. Clean With a Vacuum

Use a vacuum to remove dust and other debris that may build up inside and around your furnace. It is recommended that you do this once a month to prevent these particles from accumulating and becoming a fire hazard. Certain types of furnaces may require cleaning inside the burner compartments, so don’t hesitate to call your local heating expert to ask for further details about your specific model.

3. Replace the Air Filter Regularly

Changing your air filter regularly will keep your furnace operating optimally so that you do not incur unnecessary fuel expenses. More importantly, replacing the air filter on a regular basis will reduce the chance of your furnace breaking down and requiring repair.

4. Inspect the Vent Pipe

This task only requires taking a few minutes to check your vent pipe for deterioration and obstructions. If you spot any blockages or loosening joints, let reliable heating professionals know and they will remedy the matter.

5. Check the Vents in Each Room

Leave vents open so as to facilitate the optimal operation of your heating system. Keeping too many vents closed can cause your furnace blower to break down. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, leave vents open even in rooms that you do not use.

6. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide poses a great danger in homes where combustion is taking place in a dirty and inefficient furnace. This harmful gas is undetectable by human senses and in large amounts can be fatal. The best way to guarantee the safety of your loved ones is to install a carbon monoxide detector.

7. Schedule Professional Maintenance

A competent HVAC technician will perform all the necessary safety checks and repairs required for your furnace to function optimally throughout the fall and winter. Homeowners in the Peoria, IL, area can contact Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to arrange a visit from one of our friendly and courteous, NATE-certified experts.

Our services include installation and replacement for AC units, boilers, and heat pumps. We also specialize in high-efficiency geothermal systems and fireplace installation.

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