December 16, 2020

Having an HVAC system in Peoria, IL, means you’ll stay comfortable during the exceedingly cold winters and the humid summer months. Given the extremes of the weather here, your HVAC system is going to take a beating. To reduce this wear and tear, you must take care of it. Here are five ways to minimize the wear and tear on your HVAC system.

1. Change Your Air Filters Regularly

When your air filters get clogged, your heating or cooling system has to work harder to push the air through. This puts unnecessary strain on your HVAC system. When heated or cooled air struggles to pass through your filters, your HVAC system can overheat or freeze up.

Check on your filter every month to see if it needs to be changed. Some filters need to be changed once a month, while others can go two to three months before being swapped out. If you have a pet, you may want to change your filter more frequently, as pet fur and dander can clog up your filters pretty fast.

2. Clean Your Home Often

A dirty house means that dust particles will make their way into your heating or cooling system, making the unit less efficient. To reduce the amount of dirt getting into your ductwork and the HVAC coils, vacuum your residence often and wipe down surfaces frequently. If you have a pet, vacuum more frequently to prevent the air filter from clogging up quickly. You can also brush your pets daily to remove excess hair.

3. Make Sure to Fix Issues as Soon as Possible

If you ignore problems with your HVAC system, a minor repair issue could lead to something irreparable or far more expensive down the road. The best way to minimize the wear and tear on your system is to take care of any small issue immediately. It will save you money, and you’ll also get to extend the lifespan of your unit by keeping it efficient.

A repair may seem minor, but to the trained eye, it can signify a larger problem. Even a small piece can be replaced with a more durable, high-quality part. Make note of weird noises or strange smells coming from your HVAC system. An irregularity may mean a broken part. Watch your energy bill, too, for any signs of inexplicable changes.

4. Improve the Insulation in Your Home

When air escapes from your house through windows and doors, it makes the HVAC system’s work that much harder. To help take the load off of your HVAC equipment during the brutal winters and humid summers, you should improve the insulation in your home.

In order to add insulation, you’ll first need to find out where the existing insulation in your house is. You’ll also need to locate the areas that are leaking air. You can easily improve the insulation in your home by replacing the weather-stripping around your doors and sealing your windows better. Just doing this alone can improve your energy bill and reduce the work that your HVAC system must do.

5. Maintain Your HVAC Unit at Least Once a Year

If you’re not a professional technician, you may not see all the issues with your HVAC system. That’s why it’s important to call a licensed technician to give your equipment a tune-up at least once a year. Experienced technicians can inspect your system to see if there are any leaks. They’ll also ensure that all electrical connections are okay. If parts have worn down, they’ll replace them. Technicians can also make small repairs to prevent larger problems down the road.

When our technicians come to your home for an annual tune-up, they’ll have a thorough checklist to go through. This checklist will ensure that every small part is cleaned and inspected. This kind of thorough annual service can add years to your unit’s lifespan.

Your HVAC system is an expensive piece of equipment that needs constant care for it to work efficiently. At Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we can offer heating and cooling maintenance for your system to make sure it’s prepared for the upcoming season. Besides maintenance services in Peoria, Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers heating and cooling repairs, installations, indoor air quality services, and geothermal services. Contact us today to make an appointment so that we can help with your home comfort needs.

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