April 15, 2020

With so many advertisements pushing features that seem way too good to be true, it’s hard to trust any product on the market these days. Air purifier manufacturers who claim to have products that can kill airborne bacteria and viruses can seem like a lot to take in. So, is what they say true? Are these air purifiers really delivering on these promises? And if so, how do they do it?

The Invisible Enemy: Viruses and Bacteria

Before looking at how these systems are able to fight against these microscopic threats, you must understand the basics of what they are in the first place. Everyone knows about washing their hands and sneezing or coughing into their shoulder to avoid the spread of illnesses and germs, but what happens when these silent attackers are in the air? How do you protect yourself then?

Viruses and bacteria are living organisms, or microorganisms to be exact. They are most commonly transferred from person to person by physical contact. This physical contact can occur when two people come into direct contact with each other, such as by hugging each other or shaking each other’s hands. This is why things, like washing your hands and using a disinfectant on commonly touched surfaces, play a big part in the war on spreading illness. Keeping yourself and your surroundings clean and free of germs helps to stop them from spreading.

However, sometimes, these viruses and bacteria become airborne. This can happen when they are encompassed in water droplets and expelled from one person’s body by coughing, sneezing, or sometimes just breathing. The infection can then continue to spread when another person comes into contact with these particles in the air. This is where air purifiers can help in this fight.

Air Purifiers: How They Can Help

Even at their most basic level, air purifiers can provide some assistance in fighting the spread of illness by simply helping to circulate the air. Stuffy, poorly ventilated areas are often the breeding ground for illnesses to spread quickly from person to person. Ensuring that your space is well ventilated and that the air is constantly circulated can help to some extent. But what can air purifiers do beyond this?

Aside from simply circulating the air, there are a few types of air purifiers that are specifically designed to kill airborne bacteria and viruses. These air purifiers, sometimes called air sanitizers, are built with protection from illness in mind. There are several systems that make these air purifiers useful.

HEPA Filters

A very common filter used in many types of air purifiers, the HEPA filter is designed to catch as much dust, debris, and bacteria as it possibly can before the purifier releases the air back into your living space. While no system is perfect, the HEPA system is quite effective in this sense. It can remove items as small as 0.3 microns, and since most bacteria ranges in size from 0.2 to 10 microns, HEPA filters are effective at removing almost any bacteria that pass through them. However, HEPA filters will not do anything to fight against viruses. This is because viruses are much smaller, and they require other means to destroy or kill them since filtration at that level requires much smaller filters.

Ultraviolet Light Systems

Utilizing the science behind the UV-C ultraviolet light, these air purifiers are highly effective at killing bacteria and viruses from right out of the air. UV-C is a form of radiation that is able to destroy bacteria and viruses while remaining unharmful to humans. This technology allows these air purifiers to neutralize any germs, bacteria, or viruses as they pass through the purifier’s UV-C light system. These systems tend to be better at killing bacteria and viruses but less effective with general air filtration.

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