At Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we offer high quality humidifiers in Champaign, IL. Many people who deal with unpredictable temperatures think that HVAC systems automatically come equipped with humidifiers. Some systems do, but others require humidifier installation.

    Humidifiers in Champaign, IL

    A system humidifier is beneficial to any home because it ensures that the air inside your home will not become too dry, which isn’t good for you, your family, your belongings, or the house itself. Our team at Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can improve your HVAC system with a professional humidifier installation.

    The Best Humidifiers in Champaign

    In many areas, the winter months can be extremely cold, producing frigid, dry air. When the cold air is combined with the heated air from your furnace, the air inside your home becomes even drier. This can lead to poor air quality and result in health issues for you, your family, even your pets, including sore throats, viruses, and more.

    The Best Humidifiers in ChampaignDry air can also cause damage to your furniture, photos, paintings, and even your walls and floors. This is because anything made of wood requires a certain amount of moisture to retain its shape, strength, and integrity. The same is true for any photos and paintings in your home. These items rely on proper humidity levels to stave off flaking, brittleness, and discoloration that dry air can cause. If exposed to dry air for too long, wood furniture, doors, floors, cabinets, and even the very walls of your home can become warped and misshapen, resulting in serious structural damage.

    According to studies conducted by experts at the Mayo Clinic, the ideal humidity level for health and safety – as well as comfort – is between 30% and 50%.

    With a professionally installed humidifier, your home and family will be protected from the dangers of dry air. There are several benefits to having humidifiers as part of your heating system.

    Benefits of installing a humidifier:
    • No water tanks to monitor
    • Better sleep environment
    • Less issues with dry asking and brittle hair
    • Overall improved air quality

    Humidifier Installation You Can Trust

    Humidifier Installation You Can Trust[company-name] performs the most comprehensive humidifier installation in the Champaign area. We include expert advice on whether to choose individual humidifier units for various areas of your home or a whole-house system. We will make sure that the unit you choose will be the right size to meet your home’s specific needs. [company-name] uses only the best parts to ensure long life and top performance. When the job is finished, our team of professionals will test your system fully to make sure everything is working exactly as it should be.

    [company-name] is proud to be the recipient of the Angi Super Service Award. Our company also has an A+ rating from the BBB. We work hard to maintain our reputation for providing the best heating and cooling services in Champaign and the surrounding areas.

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