January 25, 2020

During the chilly months, some people like to run their heater nonstop while others prefer to just turn it on for a couple of hours here and there. There are advantages to both of these methods, but certain types of heaters will work better when operated in the proper manner. Here is what you need to know about running your heater 24/7 when it is cold outside.

Leaving Your Fan Running Is Usually Good

Typically, when you leave your heater on, the heating component itself will not run nonstop. Instead, your thermostat will turn it on and off to keep the heat at your desired setting. Meanwhile, you can choose to run the fan constantly. Leaving the fan running is actually a good thing. It circulates air, so your indoor air quality remains high. Since most stress is put on the system when the fan kicks on and off, it can also cut back on wear and tear. Do keep in mind that constant operation can add a few dollars to your utility bill each month.

You Don’t Save Much Money Shutting Off Your System

If your goal is saving money, turning the heater off altogether is actually a bad idea. Having to raise the temperature several degrees each day when you get home from work can use up just as much energy as you saved by having it off. Instead, it may be better to just set a temperature you feel comfortable at and leave the heater on all the time. This is especially true if you have a geothermal heat pump since this style of heater is meant to run all the time.

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