August 17, 2019

Proper airflow means efficiency and longevity for your AC. When airflow is obstructed, your air conditioner can drive up your energy bills, and the unit may fail or require constant maintenance. That’s why it’s important to maintain good air circulation throughout your system. To do this, you need to be aware of the types of issues that can adversely affect airflow. Let’s look at five causes of AC airflow problems so that you’re best prepared to deal with them.

1. Clogged Air Filters

Your AC’s air filters are important for preventing dirt, dust, and other debris from entering through the outdoor unit. This means that they need to be cleaned and replaced regularly so that the system functions efficiently. If the air filters are allowed to accumulate enough grime, air circulation can be cut off completely.

2. Poorly Installed Ducts

Proper duct installation is important for the operation of your AC system. If ducts become clogged or deformed in some way, the air will not circulate through your house and provide the cooling you need to be comfortable. Having licensed technicians install your ducts will ensure that your airflow will not be disrupted and severe repairs will not be needed at any point. If you have an old house or are buying a new one, you should have a knowledgeable professional check the ducts to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

3. Leaks

Preventing leaks is also a matter of having a competent technician install your AC system. Leaks usually happen when poor workmanship allows for air to escape out of holes rather than cool your living space.

4. Not Enough Return Vents

Return vents allow the air to cycle back through the system once it been pumped into the rooms. It’s important to have enough return vents so that airflow isn’t disrupted and cool air doesn’t escape the cycle. Contact a reliable technician about determining whether you have enough return vents.

5. Improperly Sized Vents or Ducts

The size of ducts and vents also plays an important role in the circulation of air. Installing properly sized ducts and vents should be a priority for the contractor who’s dealing with your AC system.

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