November 19, 2020

Homeowners rely on their HVAC system to work properly to heat or cool their homes. Some may have a general idea about the parts inside the system, and such knowledge could allow a homeowner to keep a lookout for problems. If something’s wrong with the system, noises and other out-of-the-ordinary issues may raise alarms. When the heat pump starts to make odd sounds, a resourceful homeowner knows that the system requires an inspection.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one single cause to point at when the unit makes odd sounds, but an experienced HVAC technician may be able to figure out the exact problem. It’s wise to schedule an inspection to reveal the severity of the problem. Allowing any troubles with the HVAC to go unchecked could lead to things getting worse.

The Purpose of a Heat Pump

A heat pump has a direct effect on the air inside a home. The pump pulls heat from the air and then moves it outside. A heat pump could serve as a valuable appliance during colder months, as its purpose is to keep your home warm.

Heat pumps contribute to better energy efficiency, which may reduce waste. The potential to save money exists since anything more efficient is likely to be less costly.

Heat pumps, like any mechanical part, could run into operational troubles, though. When it does, strange sounds might occur. Let’s take a look at some reasons why the heat pump could make odd sounds.

Loose Parts

The reason why parts come loose may be unknown, but the effects of loose parts won’t likely go unnoticed. You might hear a buzzing sound or even vibrations. Perhaps connecting or replacing the loose components would fix the problem. If you are unsure of what to do, an HVAC technician could examine the heat pump and all the various related parts. After doing so, the technician may take steps to tighten up whatever is loose. The problem may be something as small as tightening a screw that has loosened over time.

If the problem turns out to be something minor, take that as a good thing. Addressing a simple fix brings the technician to a home, and the arrival opens doors to look at other issues with the system. Maybe there is something else that needs attention that’s not so obvious.

Concerns with the Refrigerant

With air conditioning systems, the compressor moves refrigerant along to deliver a heat exchange, among other things. Compressors, like other parts, could suffer from malfunctions. If the compressor pushes the refrigerant with excessive pressure, a strange “squealing” sound may occur.

Don’t expect the squealing nor the added pressure to go away on their own. Someone must check the system and then correct the problem. Hopefully, things will go back to normal without any issues.

Another problem could be Issues with the refrigerant level, which can lead to annoying noises. Low refrigerant may make gurgling sounds, which sends up a flag indicating something is wrong. Noise won’t be the only issue with low refrigerant, as operational problems may likely follow.

When problems occur with the heat pump or other parts, Peoria residents shouldn’t put off contacting Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.. Our technicians are trained to look for problems with your heating and cooling system.

The Fan Causes Troubles

An HVAC system relies on many parts to operate, and fans are among them. When the heat pump makes a banging sound, the problem may rest with the fan. Or, more accurately, the troubles could come from something the fan hits. If debris ends up inside the system, the fan might connect with whatever it is and then makes a banging sound. As with other “sound issues,” someone needs to check things out to determine the cause.

Problems from impact go both ways. That is, the fan may suffer damage from hitting an object. The constant impact might bend or dent the fan blades, necessitating replacement or other work. Repairs come with expenses, so getting this issue under control without delay makes sense.

Noises Not Due to the Heat Pump

A noise blamed on the heat pump could turn out to be something else entirely. Take that as another reason why requesting a thorough inspection could be a wise plan. Identifying the exact issue sets a course for fixing things properly.

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