August 18, 2022
AC Maintenance in Peoria, IL

When the scorching heat of the Central Illinois summer comes around, it’s imperative that your household air conditioner is running smoothly. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to keep your home’s cooling system in tip-top condition. Perhaps the most important thing you can do for the appliance is to regularly schedule professional maintenance.

Why Is AC Maintenance Important?

When you enlist our AC maintenance services at Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., our team will work hard to improve the overall health, performance, and efficiency of your cooling system. This will involve cleaning the appliance, making any necessary adjustments to the equipment, and conducting a thorough inspection. They’ll check on the condition of the different components and search for any warning signs of future problems. By staying on top of this service, your household can enjoy some or all of the following improvements.

  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • More consistent and even cooling
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Reduced risk of mechanical problems
  • Longer system life expectancy

If you neglect to keep up with AC maintenance, on the other hand, you’ll see your cooling system’s overall performance gradually decline. As the wear and tear continues to accumulate, it will get more and more difficult for the appliance to do its job effectively, potentially living you with an uncomfortably warm home and higher electricity bills. For these reasons, having your air conditioner serviced is not only a worthwhile task but a very important one.

Deciding How Often to Schedule AC Maintenance

When deciding how often to have your air conditioner professionally serviced, it’s important to remember that every household situation is different. That said, it’s recommended that you schedule an AC tune-up at least once per year, regardless of your specific circumstances. Any less often than that and you’ll be asking for discomfort, hassle, and equipment problems.

For some households, though, scheduling maintenance once per year may not be sufficient to keep the system running at peak performance. Ideally, you should consider a few variables to decide if you should have the unit serviced more often. For one, if you have more than a few people living in your home, it may be wise to schedule two tune-ups per year instead of one. Usually, the more people there are living in a home, the more frequently the air conditioner will need to be running. As a result, its components will deteriorate more quickly.

You should also consider the size of your home. If you live in a large house, your AC unit likely needs to work harder to provide sufficient amounts of cool air to every area of the dwelling. The harder the appliance is working, the more the components are being strained. However, if your home is mid-sized or relatively small, this probably isn’t a factor you need to consider.

Another factor worth considering is how frequently your AC unit is in use. If you and your family don’t mind the house being relatively warm, you probably don’t depend on the air conditioning too frequently for comfort. In that case, having it serviced once per year is probably sufficient. However, if you have it running all day whenever it gets hot out, you’re putting a lot of mileage on the equipment, and you’d be wise to schedule maintenance more often.

When Is the Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance?

Although there’s not necessarily a wrong time to have your AC unit serviced, the best time of year to do it is right before the summer starts. That way, the appliance will be running as smoothly and efficiently as possible once the Central Illinois weather starts to heat up. Alternatively, if you wait until summer kicks into full gear, the demand for AC services will be much higher. As a result, you may have to wait longer for an appointment, and the price of the job may even be higher.

Since 1983, we at Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. have been proudly providing the Central Illinois area with high-quality cooling services. In addition to AC maintenance, repair, and installation services, we offer a full slate of heating services, indoor air quality services, and geothermal repair and installation services. Our NATE-certified technicians are skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced, and they’re always ready to serve you. Give us a call today if you’d like to schedule an appointment!

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