July 14, 2022
Heat Pumps in East Peoria, IL

Energy efficiency means a lot to homeowners trying to reduce their monthly expenses. The extreme and uncomfortable summer heat could undermine plans to use the AC a little less. Even when running the air conditioner more than usual, there are possible ways to make the system more energy efficient. Hopefully, less waste and smaller cooling bills will likely result.

Look At the Doors and Windows

Sometimes, the problem doesn’t rest with the air conditioning system entirely. Issues with doors and windows could lead to more cold air waste. Some may leave windows open to get fresh air inside the house while also running the air conditioner. While fresh air may enter, cold air from the AC may escape.

And the air could escape if doors and windows suffer from imperfections or require repairs. Perhaps adding insulation covers to some windows may cut down on waste.

Changing the Air Conditioner’s Filter

Little steps might lead to significant changes, and the seemingly small duty of replacing a dirty filter might have a cost-saving ripple effect on an air conditioner. Dirty filters force air conditioners to work harder, increasing energy bills.

And then other unexpected and unwanted expenses could arise. When an air conditioning or heating system works harder due to a dirty filter, the various parts might experience additional strain. Potential wear-and-tear from stress might result in damage, forcing the homeowner to pay for costly repairs.

Cleaning the Air Conditioner

HVAC heating and cooling components could use a thorough cleaning and inspection. Perhaps cleaning the air conditioner a few weeks before summer begins might ensure there’s little or no dirt, dust, or other impurities inside the system. Besides concerns about air quality, homeowners might find getting rid of any dirt inside an air conditioner may allow the unit to run smoother. Again, less strain might improve efficiency and decrease costs.

Inspections and Repairs

A cleaning session might allow a technician to check out the various parts and components inside the unit. Homeowners might not realize when something’s wrong with their air conditioner, despite red flags. Although the unit could make odd sounds or display other problems, a lack of knowledge about maintenance could leave someone thinking all is well. However, a skilled technician may uncover worn parts or other issues requiring service. Performing the appropriate repairs might lead to better efficiency and potentially improving safety.

Peoria and nearby residents can contact Bratcher Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for cooling repair and maintenance work. Our team handles installation work for those intending to upgrade.

Opt for a New Thermostat

A well-made air conditioning system could have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years or even longer. While the older unit may do its job well, the unit sits there unmoved while technology advances. If the unit still has a traditional thermostat, the time could be right for an upgrade. An older thermostat might not support efficiency improvement goals. However, a newer, programmable thermostat might allow a homeowner to manage temperatures based on various factors, such as keeping temperature higher when no one’s home and lowering temperatures 20 minutes before occupants return.

Cleaning and Freeing the Vents

Cold air travels through ducts and enters the homes through vents. If the air has a hard time exiting the vents, expect efficiency to suffer. When air cannot efficiently exit the vents, expect troubles. Sometimes, the problems derive from allowing dust and worse to build up on the vents. Cleaning the vents in a thorough manner might improve airflow and restore efficiency.

Furniture could block the vents, too. Homeowners may deem vents unsightly, so they place tables, chairs, couches, and other obstructions in front of them. Now might be the time to remove those barriers and allow air to flow better into the interior.

Examine the Air Ducts

And speaking of air ducts, homeowners might need to have them inspected. Holes and other perforations could allow cool air to escape, meaning the homeowner ends up paying for “lost” air. Inspecting the air ducts could open a door for cleaning them, which may have some upsides.

Don’t Ignore the Condensrr

Any malfunctions with the condenser might undermine the AC system’s performance. Still, even a condenser in perfect working order may experience issues if it suffers from constant exposure to hot sun rays. Putting something up to cast shade over the condenser is a small step that might yield positive results.

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