September 16, 2021
Furnace Issues in Peoria

As a homeowner, you have a lot of responsibilities. One of those is ensuring that your furnace is properly maintained and repaired when issues develop. When you understand the most likely heater issues that you will face, you can better react to get your system fixed quickly.

Broken Limit Switch

Your furnace has a limit switch that measures the indoor air temperature that is running throughout your venting. Your thermostat relies on the limit switch to tell it when the indoor air has reached the set temperature that you have programmed into your thermostat. When the limit switch is faulty, it never signals to your thermostat that your indoor air has reached the appropriate temperature. Therefore, you will notice that your furnace will continuously run when your limit switch goes bad.

Access Panel Safety Switch

When you open the access panel for your furnace, it will trigger the safety switch. This switch makes it impossible for your furnace to turn on until the door is shut. This is meant to protect any person repairing or performing maintenance on the furnace. Unfortunately, when you accidentally leave the door open, your entire furnace won’t turn on. In addition, when the safety switch goes bad, it will also stop your system from starting up.

Bad Ball Bearings

Inside the fan motors, there are ball bearings. It is very common for these ball bearings to wear out over time. When they do, you will start to hear a scraping noise coming from your furnace. As soon as you hear this unpleasant noise, it is crucial that you turn off your furnace. Letting it continue to run can end up causing more damage to your system. You will need to call in a professional to replace the broken motor.

Blank Thermostat Display

When you notice that your house is not heating up like it should, you should likely head over to your thermostat. If you notice the display screen simply is not working, there are a couple of culprits you will need to evaluate.

You will want to start by replacing the thermostat’s batteries. Next, head to your electrical panel and ensure that the breaker to your heating system is not tripped. If both of these problems do not fix the issue, you likely have a faulty thermostat that needs to be replaced by a professional.

Decreased Heat Flow

One of the most common issues that homeowners face with their furnaces is decreased heat flow. When this happens, you will likely head to your thermostat to see if someone turned the temperature setting down. If it is still at the same setting, then it is highly likely that the airflow for your furnace has been decreased. The most likely culprit of your reduced airflow is a dirty air filter.

You will want to pull the filter out and see if it needs to be replaced. You should be checking your furnace filter once a month to determine whether it needs to be replaced. If changing out the filter does not enhance the airflow of your system, you will likely need to have a professional perform duct cleaning to remove the debris that is stuck in your ducting.

Yellow or Orange Pilot Light

Your furnace should have a blue pilot light. If you have noticed that it has changed to a yellow or orange color, it is an indication that your system is not working correctly. In fact, a yellow- or orange-colored flame can indicate a release of carbon monoxide into the air. This is a harmful gas that can be highly dangerous for your family to breathe in.

If you notice that your furnace’s pilot light has changed colors, it is best to shut off your system completely. You will want to call in a professional to identify the source of the issue and repair it before attempting to turn your furnace back on.

Squealing Noise

The fan inside of your furnace uses a belt connected to a motor pulley to operate. When that belt becomes frayed, it can start to create a high-pitched squealing noise. When you hear this annoying sound, you should shut off your furnace completely. Replacing the fan belt is necessary before turning it back on. You never want to let it run when it is squealing, as it could lead to further damage to your system when the belt actually breaks apart.

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