April 14, 2021
Furnace Issues in Peoria

Summer weather will soon arrive in Peoria, IL, which means you won’t need the heat from your gas furnace. With the coolest nighttime temperatures dropping into the mid-50s in July and August, your home will be plenty warm without the furnace’s heat. Read on to learn about why it’s a good idea to shut down your furnace for the summer season as well as some benefits and a couple of drawbacks of making this decision.

Why You Should Shut Down Your Gas Furnace Every Summer

Gas furnaces that are more than 10 years old usually have a constant pilot. These pilot lights are always burning a small amount of natural gas. They do this at all times, even when they’re not running a heating cycle. The ongoing use of natural gas wastes energy. It also increases your utility bills by up to $10 every month.

Even if your furnace has an intermittent pilot or hot-surface igniter, it’s still a good idea to shut it down for the summer. When the gas supply valve to the pilot is always open, it may corrode faster. The pilot’s sensor can also prematurely wear out. The ongoing burning gas also boosts the risk of a furnace malfunction, such as a gas leak. If the pilot gets dirty, it may not completely burn the gas. This could lead to carbon monoxide mixing with your home’s air. For these reasons, you should turn off your gas furnace during the summertime.

Benefits of Powering Your Furnace Off for the Summertime

There are many benefits of powering your furnace off for the summer season. Your home will have a smaller carbon footprint, especially if your furnace is older and has a constant pilot. You’ll have lower natural gas bills for the summer when you turn off your gas furnace.

There will be less wear and tear on your furnace, too. By closing the gas supply valve to the pilot, the valve will be less likely to prematurely corrode or fail. This is also true for the pilot’s sensor and the burner. You’ll avoid an unexpected furnace malfunction by reducing the wear and tear on these critical parts. Your gas furnace may even have a longer lifespan if you shut it down for the summer.

Turning off your furnace for the summer prevents someone from accidentally blasting the heat during the day. On a hot summer day, you wouldn’t want to come home to a furnace that’s been running.

Many people sleep better in cool weather. Keeping your furnace off for the summer season means that if there’s a chilly night, the heat won’t cycle. You may sleep more soundly, even if you have to don a pair of fuzzy slippers when you get up in the morning.

Drawbacks of Turning Off Your Furnace in the Summer Season

Rarely, there will be a chilly night when the temperature drops into the 40s. If you keep your home cool during the daytime, your home’s temperature might drop too low for comfort. You may wind up wearing thicker pajamas or adding a blanket to your bed in order to stay warm enough.

Another drawback of powering your furnace off for the summer season is that you’ll have to turn it back on again in the autumn. If you’re not sure how to do this, it’s best to ask our technicians to help you with the process. This could be done during your fall heating system tune-up.

Also keep in mind that turning off your gas furnace for the summer won’t completely eliminate your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Another gas-powered appliance could have a problem, so you’ll need to keep your carbon monoxide detector in proper working condition.

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